30 de dezembro de 2013

Transição / Transition

Olá! Estes são os meus últimos trabalhos. Os dois primeiros elaborados com o que recebi da Siobhán: uma pulseira com berloques em tons natalícios e um marcador de páginas com um anjo. Todos os outros trabalhos são presentes que fiz para oferecer no Natal: pulseiras elásticas e pulseiras de cabedal fino com contas de vidro e estrelas. Fiz também muitos cristais de neve para dar de presente - vejam aqui como são.

Hi! There are my latest creations. Firstly, two pieces I made using Siobhán's beads in Christmas colours: a vintage charm bracelet (my first one) and a beaded bookmark. All the other pieces were Christmas gifts for friends: stretch and leather bracelets. I also gave lots of beaded snowflakes (see them here). 

Em 2014 espero abrir a minha loja no site Etsy. Reservei já o meu lugar. O meu cantinho chama-se AcbeadsJewellery e podem vê-lo aqui. Têm uma loja no Etsy? Qual é a vossa loja? Que conselhos me podem dar?
In 2014 I will open my Etsy shop. I've already booked my little corner on Etsy. My shop is named AcbeadsJewellery. You can see it hereDo you have a shop on Etsy? What is your shop? What advice can you give me? 

Para cada amigo que se traga para o Etsy e que abra uma loja (pode já ter conta para comprar), eu e esse amigo ficamos com 40 listagens gratuitas cada um. O convite para que ambos possamos beneficiar desta vantagem é este:
For every friend that opens a shop on Etsy, each one gets 40 free listings. If you're interested in having your own shop, you will get 40 free listings and so will I. The invite link is the following:

Resta-me desejar-vos um ano de 2014 com muita criatividade!
May you have a 2014 full of creativity!

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  1. Happy New Year Ana! Congrats to your new Etsy shop!

    There are many ways to kick start sales. The most important thing I think is to have motivation. You should ask yourself some questions first:
    Do I want to sell on Etsy and am I breadth to bet all of my free time developing my shop and my products?
    If the answer is yes to both questions then you should start investing money and time in your shop .

    # The material you use should have good quality. People want to buy things that will last.

    # Now that you decided to use good quality of material, it is important with stylish images that give a fair idea of ​​what you have created. Because customers can not touch and try the jewelry, then it is important to have beautiful and fair photos.

    # To get many views use tags that describe your jewelry or tell who can use it, for example gift for sister, friendship necklace, bridal jewelry, long necklace, unisex, gemstone bracelet ...

    # Now that you have made gorgeous jewelry and have taken nice photos and tagged them correctly, you should think about having at least one full page of such jewelry. People like to buy from sellers who have many jewelry for sale.

    # In the beginning you will need to reload ( renew) your items two to three times per day so that customers can see your items when they search for jewelry.

    I hope these tips can help you.


    1. Sarah, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a long comment. Yours are great tips that I'll consider from now on. Much success and many blessings to you in 2014!

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