1 de maio de 2014

Criações de Abril / April Makes

Últimas criações / Latest makes for

Para amigos / For friends

Para mim / For myself

6 comentários:

  1. such beautiful jewellery! I particularly love the first piece. Are they all your own designs?

  2. Beautiful pieces! My favorite is the last one. Love the little flowers. Great job!

  3. It seems I need to learn how to use the reply button here. I've replied to Wendy in private. So, for those of you wondering if these are my own designs, most of them are not. The first bracelet is called Crossing Paths and it's by Aleshia (YouTube). The last one is called Potawatomi Stitch Cuff and the design is by Beading4Perfectionists (YouTube). You can find both on my Pinterest board dedicated to Beadweaving. Here's the shortened link

  4. I love the FOR FRIEND and FOR ME =) good job Ana...

  5. Que peças lindas, Ana! Minhas preferidas são a primeira para o desafio de Beading Friend Forever e a ultima que fez para si mesma. Obrigada por compartilhar os links no comentário acima. Farei questão de visitar novamente suas pranchetas no Pinterest! :)


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