9 de agosto de 2015

Latest makes in beadweaving

Hi! I'd like to share my latest makes in beadweaving. All of them are designs by Ruby Lockwood - a talented Canadian lady that you might know from the YouTube as she has more than 150 videos just on beading. 

This teal and silver bracelet was made using the Roman Hugs and Kisses design. This is not properly a recent make, I made this bracelet last year for a blog challenge. More information about it can be found HERE.

With this one I entered the challenge Operation Tackle That Bead Stash last June. An earth tones palette had to be used in the finished piece. You can see all the entries HERE. Almost forgot to tell that this is the Evening Love design in case you want to look for it.

And this is the last but not the least. The Simply Simple Bracelet design uses the Pondo stitch. It is made with three main colours. 

Happy beading!

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