27 de novembro de 2016

Three Cuff Bracelets

Hello, dear readers!

I was very lucky to have an order for two cuff bracelets in beadweaving. One was the Fluttering Butterflies that I had already made for the Butterfly Challenge Blog Hop (blog post here) - this time I made another one - and the other was the same pattern but in a different colour scheme using cream, gold, yellow, and grey. I was surprised how good the final result was, considering the many different colours but mostly the undefined, impressionist pattern.

Original colour scheme - mostly fuchsia, green, gold

My own version; grey, cream, gold, yellow, dark grey

The original and my own version

The third one is a gift I have made. I am sorry for the not so perfect photo. I have found the design in Pinterest. You can see the pattern here

Margherite pattern by GioGio&Co

Every day may not be good...
but there's something good in every day

Alice Morse Earle

4 comentários:

  1. These ones are beautiful! Very nice work!

  2. Amazing bracelets! butterflies remind about sunny summer! How nice!!!!!

  3. The butterflies are beautiful! The contrast in the beads on the flower bracelet really is a wonderful look!

  4. Beautiful patterns! It's interesting how the choice of colors make the first two bracelets look slightly different - I prefer the pastel one :)


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