17 de julho de 2013

Brincos / Earrings

Brincos estilo candelabro com contas de vidro (ref. 67 - 69) e berloques de madrepérola (ref.70)
Chandelier earrings with glass beads (ref. 67 - 69) and MOP charms (ref.70)

Todos eles já conhecidos / All these have already been posted here at the blog

Todos são novos / All of them are new
ref. 77 - contas de vidro e disco de acrílico / glass beads and acrylic disc
ref. 78 - acrílico, vidro e metal / acrylic, glass and metal
ref. 79 - vidro facetado e metal / faceted glass and metal

ref. 80 - contas de vidro e metal / glass and metal
ref. 81 - contas de vidro checo e metal / Czech glass beads and metal charm
ref. 82 - contas de vidro, açaí e metal / glass, metal and acai seed beads

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  1. Respostas
    1. Lovely earrings - the mother of pearl heart dangles are right up my street! I loved your OTTBS entry - the turquoise and pink circular earrings too by the way :-)


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