07 janeiro 2020

Happy New Year

Hello, dear readers.

I am not sure anyone will read this post as I haven't posted anything for a long time.

In fact, I am not even sure people are still reading blogs. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Facebook and Instagram.

Anyhow, I want to let you know what I have been beading.

Christmas Wreath Pendant Necklace
I made this Christmas Wreath Pendant Necklace for myself. It is beautiful and dainty, and it has a 3D thing to it. I have bought the kit from the Crystals and Ice on-line bead shop in the UK.

I don't know about you, but I spent loads of time watching YouTube videos on beading last year. You subscribe to a beading channel and then you feel that you need to watch to each and every single video the beader releases. If you subscribe to many channels, you spend all of your free time doing that and not any beading. 

There are several beaders out there whom I admire a lot. One of them is Brazilian beader Núncia Maia. When I saw one necklace she had designed, I knew I had to try it as I like its modern look including the use of pearls and cotton waxed cord. You can watch the Youtube video here.

Simple Necklace, a design by Núncia Maia
Simple Necklace in dark blue
The light brown I made for myself. The dark blue was a Christmas gift.

Also from a YouTube channel, this time from an Italian beader, I have tried a discrete and delicate beaded ring made with seed beads and crystals. This young lady from Italy is Maria Teresa (surname?) and uses the name Mary Creazioni

Delicati Ring, a design by Mary Creazioni

My version uses 15/0 seed beads unlike the original version
The materials I have used are Toho seed beads in three sizes (11/0, 8/0 and 15/0) and crystal rondelles in 4x3mm that are so popular nowadays. Unlike the original version, I have put 15/0 seed beads instead of 11/0 when filling the spaces. You can watch the video here.

Last, two Christmas gifts. One is a double wrap leather bracelet in Chan Luu style with Preciosa Czech glass beads and a beautiful Tierracast button. I have strung it with Fireline. 
double wrap leather bracelet in topaz 

the bracelet when worn
The other Christmas gift is a necklace with a tassel, so trendy nowadays.

Actually, I had to make two necklaces to gift, one is grey and the other is turquoise.

My shop on Etsy is currently closed as I rethink it.

Have a beautiful year!

Neste post, falo das minhas últimas criações dos últimos meses. Um colar com um kit da loja inglesa Crystals and Ice, colares com design de Núbia Maia (canal no YouTube), um anel de missangas e cristais criado por Mary Creazioni (canal no YouTube), uma pulseira de cabedal de duas voltas ao estilo Chan Luu e, por último, colares compridos com borlas.

Bom Ano!
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