10 setembro 2014


Desta vez, uma peça minha foi incluída num Tesouro. 
This time, a piece of mine was included in a Treasury. 

É a pulseira larga em azul e dourado que fiz para o desafio A Time To Stitch 5.

It is the gold and blue cuff bracelet made for A Time To Stitch 5 Challenge.

The treasury is named Golden Fall. By clicking on the image that will take you to Etsy where you can see every item in detail. Surprisingly, the treasury doesn't include my bracelet anymore. 

 Golden Fall treasury on ETSY featurin my Simplicity Bracelet

PS I've edited this post. I removed the link to the Craftcult website that was working perfectly when I wrote this but not anymore.

07 setembro 2014

Outono / Autumn

I've been selling on Etsy for a few months now but I haven't been very active. Today I've compiled my first Etsy Treasury. It's dedicated to Autumn. 

It seems Summer is soon to end. We are having our first serious storm here. Do you like my Fall Colors?

When you click on the image that will take you to my Fall Colors Treasury. 
 Fall Colors Treasury by Ana Cravidao

PS. This is an edited post. For some unknown reason, my treasury displayed with the Craftcult website is not right so I've removed the link to that site.

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