09 outubro 2022

Louise Carter and International Patchwork Sculpture

Hello, dear readers!

Today, I am going to talk about a beading international project that I have joined during International Beading Week (HERE) back in July and to which I want to invite you to join in.

beader Ambassador Louise Carter
Louise Carter

Louise Carter's cat
Beading buddy

The projet is International Patchwork Sculpture (HERE) and it is the creation of Australian beader Louise Carter (HERE), who has a passion for geometric beadwork. 

Exceptional geometric beadwork by Louise Carter

Louise has kindly accepted to participate in the following interview, which was inspired by a Spanish beading blog (HERE):

Please tell us your name. Louise Carter

How old are you? I am 32 this month (21st October)

In what country were you born? Australia 

Do you still live in that country? Yes, and in the same town Mackay

When did you start beading? I started beading when I was a teenager, when I was about 16 or 18, but I didn’t really get into beading until 2014.

How did you start? My mum took me to a workshop and I made a bracelet from seed beads and brought several beautiful lampwork glass beads.

I half hardly gave beadwork ago, like many other crafts, but one day I came across a beaded 3D ball on the internet and gave it a go and was hooked.

Original designs by Louise Carter
Beaded gold dresses by Louise Carter

Please name three beading artists who inspire you. 

Ashley Mae, also known as PinkythePink, was one of the first beaders I was inspired by. I found her on an art site called Deviant Art and she makes miniature dresses that are so amazing. 

Sharl G. Smith was also someone I was inspired by early. I came across her sculpture White 11, 2017 – it looked amazing and I love her style. 

Suzanne Golden is also another beader I am inspired by – she makes bright coloured beadwork with large Perler beads.

Exceptional beadwork
Amazing geometric beadwork by Louise Carter 

How many hours per week do you dedicate to beading? Is this more than a hobby? 90ish% of the time – I spend most of the day beading. I wake up, make a coffee and get to work, then I will bead all day with a few short breaks. 

On the weekdays, I have a casual job that I go to for unto 4 hours in the evening and then I come back, eat dinner and keep beading. 

I used to work out at the mining camps, but I really wanted to have more time to bead and have been working on making it more full-time. 

And sometimes I spend time with my family and go on mini adventures around the Mackay region.

Trabalhos em missangas geométricos por Louise Carter
Delightful geometric beadwork by Louise Carter

Do you have any other hobbies? I read a lot, and love audiobooks as I can read while I am beading. When I was a teenager I would spend a few months on a hobby and then a few months reading and then a few months doing something else. I do try out other hobbies every now and then but mostly I just focus on beading these days.

International Patchwork Sculpture project by Louise Carter
International Patchwork Sculpture project by Louise Carter

Please tell us about this international project. So the International Patchwork project is about giving people  new skills and knowledge, but mostly confidence. Working with The Beadworkers Guild I chose pentagons as the 2D shape as it is one that hasn’t been done before in international projects and because it gave everyone more room to create their own patterns on the shape. When all the pentagons will be sent in I will join them together and video the process for everyone to see how it is done.

How did you come up with the idea? I get a lot of beaders who comment on how lovely my 3D shapes are but that they wouldn’t be able to make something like that, and I thought as they are made in parts, it was something that they could learn to do. And when we were making warped squares for Sam Norgard’s project I noticed a few people were having trouble getting the colours needed for the project, so I wanted a theme that gave people the opportunity to use what they already had in their stash if they wanted to. I also chose Patchwork as the theme because I loved the idea of communities coming together to create large patchwork quilts.

From where are the participants? The project has participants from all over the world, there are several in Australia, some in Portugal, the UK, USA, Belgium, South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland to name a few places.

Where will the sculpture be shown? The finished project will be shown in my hometown at one of my local libraries next year in June and then it will be sent to the Museum of Beadwork in America – they are excited to house the project.

Will you be keeping it? No, as much as I’d love to.

projeto International Patchwork Sculpture de Louise Carter
Some of the pentagons made by Louise Carter for International Patchwork Sculpture project

Do you have any projects/goals for the future? Yes, I will be making a sugar cube-inspired project in CRAW, inspired by my hometown’s sugar cane industry. And when I get the beads I’ll continue to work on my current collections. I also want to make a crystal cave-inspired shape and have a lot of other ideas, just waiting to be made. 

My goals for the future are to break some beading world records. It will be tough as the records are already tough to beat, but I am thinking about how to make a future international project for a world record work. And I also want to make a work to highlight the bleaching of the coral reef, but it will be complicated so I will need to think about it for a while longer.


International Patchwork Sculpture group on Facebook (join us!)

International Projects for International Beading Week 2022

Delicate By Lou – Louise's blog

Delicate by Lou (Instagram)

All photos are Louise Carter's and are protected by copyright.

11 setembro 2022

Soutache Workshop

On 3rd September, I took a virtual workshop in Soutache Embroidery by The Bead Shop Nottingham.

It was my first time doing soutache embroidery and it was great fun. 

The instructor was the lovely Steph who demonstrated everything and we embroidered along with her. We were able to make a great part of this gorgeous pendant. 

We have used three colours of soutache braid and three sizes of beads. Everything is joined by Nymo thread (I had to colour mine later with a marker as I did not have the adequate colour, it was almost white) and a 12 beading needle. 

One has the option to take the workshop with or without the materials. I really had to choose the non-material option as there was not enough time for the materials to reach me in time – now it takes four weeks since there is a border and orders have to go through customs.

I have bought several times from this great bead shop (I just wish there was something like this in Portugal – sigh) but this is the first time I do a project from the shop. 

My first purchase were the small silver plated bookmarks above back in 2012 about which I blogged here.

Have you ever tried soutache embroidery? 

I have really learned a lot from the workshop, I now feel confident to try new projects. 


The Bead Shop Nottingham

Soutache Embroidery Virtual Workshop

YouTube channel (more than 100 videos)



25 agosto 2022

Claire Earrings - My Version

Hello, lovely readers!

Summer is here and I am again bit by the beading bug. I think it is a good bug, what do you think?

For many months I have been wanting to make a version of the Claire Earrings from the free tutorial (HERE) provided by The Beadworkers Guild (UK) during International Beading Week (IBW). 

My Version of Claire Earrings

Claire Earrings were designed by talented British designer Chloe Menage, who is a permanent IBW Ambassador. Her website is and her page on Facebook is She is also on Instagram and YouTube.

I have downloaded the pdf tutorial, but I also have watched the YouTube video (HERE). Both are very good, but I do not agree that you can make a bezel with 32 Toho seed beads for a 14 Swarovski rivoli. I had to reduce to 30 Toho seed beads so that I could "capture" the rivoli. There is a clear difference in size between Miyuki 11/0 seed beads and Toho 11/0 seed beads. From my research, these Miyuki are 2.0 mm and the Toho are 2.2 mm. You can see the difference in size in the two following images.

A 14mm Swarovski rivoli bezel made with Toho seed beads (LEFT) versus Miyuki seed beads (RIGHT)

The difference in Toho 11/0 seed bead size (LEFT) from Miyuki 11/0 seed bead size (RIGHT) can be noticed at naked eye

The problem that arises from this difference is that you can not make the four-arm star decoration, which is really is a pity because it is gorgeous and it makes a difference in the details.

I love this pair of earrings, it is an elegant yet modern design. For those wondering and curious, I have used Swarovski Aquamarine rivolis, Miyuki 11/0 Metallic Gunmetal Iris 456 (it is neither blue nor green), 3mm Cobalt AB druks and Toho 15/0 Silver Nickel plated. I also have used a very small amount of Toho 11/0 Mat Iris Teal 706 for some contrast. My tassel is shorter than the original one.

I hope you like this design and version, if you do tell me in the comments. 

Much love to you, 


01 agosto 2022

Last Day of International Beading Week 2022

Hello, dear readers!

I was not able to participate in beading during the International Beading Week that ended today, but I did watch all the beauty of the beaded flowers, especially, the Flowers of the World that was the theme for this year.

If you are curious you will have to check the Facebook private group (here). 

Some years ago I beaded a gorgeous simple poppy designed by British artist Kerrie Slade. Her paid tutorial is here. It is an intermediate project. I had previously blogged about this project (here).

Other links: 

international beading week website

2022 BWG prize draw entries

free patterns

international projects

special offers for 2022

instagram - beadworkers guild

24 julho 2022

International Beading Week 2022 Has Started

Hello, dear readers! 

International Beading Week 2022 has started, and I am so excited!

There are free online events anyone can attend, there are free patterns to make, and the theme this year is flowers from all over the world.

The event is organised by Beadworkers Guild from the UK.

I will be joining the Prof.Sam Norgard's Triangle Love Global Project. She will be collecting beaded triangles from all over the world to make one piece of art.

The party is happening here: (International Beading Week Facebook Page) (International Beading Week Facebook Group - it is a private group)

It seems the link for the Triangle Love Global Project is not available from the  IBW website, so I will link directly to Sam Norgard's website named Norgard Designs: (Triangle Love Facebook Group)

12 setembro 2021

Calling All Beaders - Chamam-se as «missangueiras»

POST EDITED TO CHANGE DEADLINE-Editei o post para alterar o prazo

Calling all beaders who want to participate in a global project / Chamam-se todas as «missangueiras» que queiram participar num projeto mundial

All Colors Project Flower

International Beading Week, the annual global event that celebrates the joy of beading had many projects launched, one them being the All Colors Project, by Professor Sam Norgard, from USA. / Na International Beading Week, o evento anual mundial que festeja o prazer de trabalhar com contas e missangas, iniciaram-se vários projetos, um dos quais o All Colors Project, da professora universitária Sam Norgard, dos EUA.
All Colors Project Flower

The goal is to collect flowers made from seed beads from all over the world and make a final work. /O objetivo é juntar flores feitas de missangas vindas de todo o mundo e criar uma obra final.

All Colors Project Flower

In Norgard Designs website (here) you can find the lessons to make the flowers using a method invented by Kate McKinnon. / No site Norgard Designs (aqui) podemos encontrar as aulas que ensinam a fazer as flores com um método inventado por Kate McKinnon.

All Colors Project Flower

There are four lessons in video that you need to watch. /Existem quatro aulas em vídeo a que é preciso assistir.

All Colors Project Flower

There is the Introduction, Lesson One (talks about the podcast), Lesson Two (about colour theory), Lesson Three (creating the flower form) / Há uma Aula de Introdução, a 1.ª Aula fala sobre o «podcast» - o molde onde assenta a flor, a 2.ª Aula fala sobre teoria da cor e a 3.ª Aula sobre a criação da flor.

All Colors Project flower podcast

There is a Facebook Group for this global project (here), which has currently 1028 members. Do you want to join us? / Existe um grupo no Facebook (aqui) dedicado exclusivamente a este projeto que neste momento tem 1028 membros. Quer juntar-se a nós?

All Colors Project Flower

The new deadline to receive the flowers made is 1st March 2022. /O novo prazo para receção das flores terminadas é 1 de fevereiro de 2022.

23 julho 2021

I am still blogging

Hello, lovely readers. 

I am still blogging because I am still beading. 

Last year, I participated in the Black and White Together Project, led by Prof. Sam Norgard (USA) who was collecting beaded warped squares to create an art project. This project was part of International Beading Week organised by the Beadworkers Guild UK.

I was able to make about 70 beautiful squares to send the US. I was really excited to be a part of this global entreprise.  

By clicking on the video below you will see a sample of my participation. 

Through this project I have found the fascinating geometric beadwork of the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon. Click here to go to her YouTube Channel. I have her two books in digital format because they are out of print, and the used ones reach hiper high prices.

I have not been able to do much of geometric beadwork beside the warped square - the geometric shape is called hypar.

I have found two compilations of YouTube videos on geometric beadwork: Bead Patterns  and Geometric Beadwork Techniques

Tomorrow starts this year's International Beading Week. 

Stay strong and be(ad) happy!

25 julho 2020

International Beading Week is Now

Hello, dear readers!

I cannot explain why but I am sure that threading seed beads and making beautiful things is therapeutical for me, and I need that, so I decided to take part in International Beading Week.

What is that, you ask. 

International Beading Week is an annual event organised by The Beadworkers Guild in the UK. This event runs from 25th July (today) until 2nd August.

I am learning to make some beaded beads following a tutorial by Katie Dean. They look like Portuguese 'pastéis de bacalhau'. See for yourself in here.

I have only managed to make the first bead so far.

Two days ago, when I couldn't figure out what to do next, it looked like this.

Unfinished beaded bead by unhappy beader

Today, I have managed to finish my first bead. It has a mistake but I am happy I was able to complete it.

This is one of the three identical 'faces' 

Seen from a different angle

Tomorrow, I will make another one, and another one, and so on. 

Stay safe and take care.

07 janeiro 2020

Happy New Year

Hello, dear readers.

I am not sure anyone will read this post as I haven't posted anything for a long time.

In fact, I am not even sure people are still reading blogs. Everyone seems to be obsessed with Facebook and Instagram.

Anyhow, I want to let you know what I have been beading.

Christmas Wreath Pendant Necklace
I made this Christmas Wreath Pendant Necklace for myself. It is beautiful and dainty, and it has a 3D thing to it. I have bought the kit from the Crystals and Ice on-line bead shop in the UK.

I don't know about you, but I spent loads of time watching YouTube videos on beading last year. You subscribe to a beading channel and then you feel that you need to watch to each and every single video the beader releases. If you subscribe to many channels, you spend all of your free time doing that and not any beading. 

There are several beaders out there whom I admire a lot. One of them is Brazilian beader Núncia Maia. When I saw one necklace she had designed, I knew I had to try it as I like its modern look including the use of pearls and cotton waxed cord. You can watch the Youtube video here.

Simple Necklace, a design by Núncia Maia
Simple Necklace in dark blue
The light brown I made for myself. The dark blue was a Christmas gift.

Also from a YouTube channel, this time from an Italian beader, I have tried a discrete and delicate beaded ring made with seed beads and crystals. This young lady from Italy is Maria Teresa (surname?) and uses the name Mary Creazioni

Delicati Ring, a design by Mary Creazioni

My version uses 15/0 seed beads unlike the original version
The materials I have used are Toho seed beads in three sizes (11/0, 8/0 and 15/0) and crystal rondelles in 4x3mm that are so popular nowadays. Unlike the original version, I have put 15/0 seed beads instead of 11/0 when filling the spaces. You can watch the video here.

Last, two Christmas gifts. One is a double wrap leather bracelet in Chan Luu style with Preciosa Czech glass beads and a beautiful Tierracast button. I have strung it with Fireline. 
double wrap leather bracelet in topaz 

the bracelet when worn
The other Christmas gift is a necklace with a tassel, so trendy nowadays.

Actually, I had to make two necklaces to gift, one is grey and the other is turquoise.

My shop on Etsy is currently closed as I rethink it.

Have a beautiful year!

Neste post, falo das minhas últimas criações dos últimos meses. Um colar com um kit da loja inglesa Crystals and Ice, colares com design de Núbia Maia (canal no YouTube), um anel de missangas e cristais criado por Mary Creazioni (canal no YouTube), uma pulseira de cabedal de duas voltas ao estilo Chan Luu e, por último, colares compridos com borlas.

Bom Ano!

19 março 2019

Bead-It-Forward 2019 (Flowers)

Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I greatly appreciated them.

This is just a quick post to say that I am participating in Bead-It-Forward 2019.

The deadline for the beaded squares to be received is 31st March.

If you can know more in this post of the Bead-It-Forward Blog:

I am sorry about the low quality in this photo taken with my mobile phone. I could not locate my camera.

I am using a pattern from a former event:

The beaded squares will be stitched to quilts and put on sale on Etsy, for instance. If you want you can contribute too by buying the finished quilts:

These are all the beaded squares I was able to make this year. I had great fun in stitching them!

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