13 julho 2014

Feira Internacional do Artesanato 2014 / International Craft Fair in Lisbon

Este ano visitei a Feira Internacional do Artesanato na FIL. A Argélia foi no país convidado, com uma participação especial de Moçambique. Aqui ficam algumas das minhas fotos.

This year I visited FIA - International Craft Fair in Lisbon. Algeria was the invited country. Mozambique had a special participation. Here are some photos I took.




Djibantu - artesã(o) de Moçambique



Traje tradicional do Minho (Portugal)

Mercadoria da Alma - artesã portuguesa

A Corticeira - artesã(o) de Portugal

Lizete & Tina - artesãs portuguesas premiadas
Artesanato dos Açores - vestido bordado a palha de trigo

Instrumentos de cordas portugueses
Marina Wilson - trabalhos em clay

01 julho 2014

My Country Blog Hop

8th Bead Soup Blog Party post
A Time to Stitch 5 post

Today is the reveal for My Country Blog Hop, an international event hosted by Canadian Nan Smith. A big thank you to Nan.

A bit about myself. My name is Ana Cravidao and I am from Portugal, a country in Southwestern Europe. In general, Portugal is associated with sunshine, beaches and good wine.

(click on any photo to enlarge)

Less known aspects are the old architecture, the tile making art and the pavements made with black and white limestone.

Tile making is a traditional art here in Portugal. It was introduced by the Arab peoples many centuries ago in the Iberian Peninsula. Their intricate designs were of the utmost beauty.

Tile work has evolved. From geometric motifs where the blue colour was generally used, nowadays any colours and motifs, or no motifs at all, can be used.

Traditional tilework

old artistic tile work 

traditional tile work

artistic tile work

artistic tile work

My fascination with the elaborate geometric motifs in the Arab tiles as led me to choose, or should I say, to 'borrow' the Persian tile pattern from Marcie Abney.

I had planned to make a bracelet with several 'tiles' connected by wire links but I must confess that I ran out of time. I ended up with one 'tile' that I've attached to a silver plated trace chain. I hope you like it.

I look forward to seeing everybody's creations in this blog hop. Be ready to be amazed because there are great artists participating. 

Nan Smith - the hostess (Canada)

Ana (Portugal)                     <--- you are here
Rita (Mexico)                    
Dini (The Nederlands)       
Robin Reed (Indiana, USA)
Lilik Kristina (Indonesia)   
Karen Mitchell (South Australia)
Melissa Trudinger (Australia)
Johana Nunez (Puerto Rico)
Kepi (Alberta, Canada)     
Deb Fortin  (Ontario, Canada)
Divya  (India)                   
Tammy Adams (Arizona, USA)
Baizoran (Bulgaria)          
Carolyn (Calif.&Pacific Northwest,USA)
Linda A.(Washington DC, USA)
Inge Van Roos (California, USA)
Natalie (New Zealand )     
Lori Schneider ( )              
Mary Harding (New York, USA)
Bouchra Rebai (Algeria)    
Michelle McCarthy (Florida, USA)

Photo credits:
8,9,12  Viúva Lamego

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