11 de agosto de 2013

Desafio do aniversário do blogue de Pepita / Pepita’s Blogoversary Challenge

Welcome! Alenka Obid, also known as Pepita, has celebrated her first blogoversary with a giveaway and a blog hop. I was one of the lucky recipients of her handmade art. Besides creating jewellery, Pepita designs and makes the most beautiful polymer clay components.

There are 13 participants (a lucky number for Pepita) and each one received a different piece. The funny part is that even Alenka didn't know what piece she was sending to each of us.

I loved my pendant. It is an S-shaped pendant in bright green with yellow hues.

The challenge was launched: when I carefully looked at it, I noticed that it was top-drilled from side to side, and I thought: how am I going to hang the pendant, besides stringing? Maybe using wire to make a bail. Well, no. I'm just beginning in working with wire. And what about using seed beads and incorporate the pendant in a bead weaving design? Great idea, but my skills are limited to brick stitch. That was a lesson: I need to need to learn more beading and jewellery techniques. So, what about stringing? Too boring. And if cotton cord is used? That is interesting - I said to myself. Then I started making the necklace you can see in the photos below. I combined glass, ceramic and acryllic beads in different shapes to get a modern look.

I'm very happy with the finished necklace and I've worn it on a white top. By the way, I'm not so happy with the photos - it was a '4-day session' until I got some decent ones. I hope I have managed to capture the beauty of both pendant and necklace.

I would like to thank you, Alenka (Pepita), for your generosity in gifting us with your art and for hosting this event.

This is a blog hop so you can see many other creations with Pepita's beauties when you hop over to the blogs of real jewellery artists.

Ginger Bishop
Susan Kennedy
Becky Pancake
Debi Rasmussen
Evelyn Shelby
Dini Bruinsma
Monique Urquhart
Jo-Ann Woolverton
Penny May
Carolyn Lawson
Ana Cravidao <---- You are here
Dolores Raml
Cynthia Machata

GIVEAWAY ALERT: There is a surprise at Pepita's blog! Check it out here.


Bem-vindo, caro leitor! O post de hoje faz parte de um blog hop patrocinado por Alenka Obid, mais conhecida como Pepita na blogosfera, que para festejar o 1.º ano do seu blogue ofereceu a 13 leitores um trabalho seu em massa polímera. São componentes de massa polímera, todos diferentes. É muita criatividade, não acham?

Contas, separadores, conectores. pendentes e fechos - todos criados por Pepita 

Recebi o pendente verde em forma de S que podem ver no canto inferior esquerdo e com ele fiz um colar enfiando contas variadas em fio de algodão . Já o usei e gosto muito do seu look moderno. Mil vezes obrigada à Alenka por ter criado este evento e por tão generosamente ter oferecido os seus trabalhos.

Não deixem de espreitar o que os meus colegas, alguns artistas premiados, fizeram com estas peças. Usem a lista que está acima na versão em inglês do post, mas não deixem de passar pelo blogue da Pepita ond há um sorteio-surpresa. Até à próxima!

12 comentários:

  1. That oh-so-tasty focal is making me crave limes, Ana! Your design is lovely and I bet it would also be stunning worn with a little black dress!

  2. Hi Ana,
    the necklace is so pretty and perfect for these hot days!!
    Thank you very much for participating in my blogoversary celebration!

  3. Love the necklace. It looks like many of us had photographing challenges.

  4. Love your pictures and the ♥necklace. You made it lemon- and mojito time :-)

  5. the green beads perfectly bring out the lime tones in Alenka's focal - what a fun and summery piece!

  6. Hi Ana,
    Your necklace is simply beautiful!

  7. So so pretty, I love what you done and the colors are gorgeous.

  8. Lovely! The colors are so cheerful, and the design is simply gorgeous. Wonderful work! :)

  9. The pendant is so beautiful and I think you ave captured the colours and flow perfectly. Gorgeous necklace.

  10. So pretty! The colours you have used are so fresh and really compliment the focal and set it off beautifully.

  11. Gorgeous necklace, love the beads you picked to go with Alenka's beautiful focal.


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