6 de dezembro de 2013

I Can Herringbone

... é o nome do livro onde consta este projecto de hoje. Uma pulseira com missangas metálicas elaborada segundo a técnica herringbone (espinha em português). Faz parte do evento Bead, Book and Bounce do grupo OTTBS. Amanhã vou incluir aqui melhores fotografias porque hoje terminei tarde e a luz natural já se tinha ido embora...

... is the book where you can find this project I've just finished. It is a bracelet made with metallic seed beads in the herringbone stitch. This is my participation (my first one) in the Bead, Book and Bounce blog hop of OTTBS group. Tomorrow I'll edit this post and add better photos. This is what you get when you finish late and the good and natural light is gone...

Sob uma nova luz, apresento-vos a mesma pulseira.
Under a new light, this is my braided bracelet.

Utilizei três tons de missangas 11/0: prateado, dourado e dourado acobreado da marca Preciosa.
I've used three colours of 11/0 seed beads: silver, gold, and copper gold from Preciosa.

9 comentários:

  1. Thanks so much for joining in with Bead, Book & Bounce!

    Despite the lighting (it was the same here in the UK) I can see the lovely sheen on the metallic beads that you used. I also love that you chose to keep the braid tight, without too many gaps. It makes a nice cuff-style bracelet when it doesn't have too much space inbetween the strands!

    I know it was project that took a lot longer than expected, but the effort was worth it - your version is beautiful! x

  2. This is a great bracelet. I really like the delicate combination of metallic seed beads. This is beautiful beadwork!

  3. muito bonito.
    Gostei muito das cores que voce escolhou.

  4. I love the design and you did a good job with the technique =)
    I want to join the challenge but I don't have the book. Hope next time they bring books that I have.

  5. Lovely color Ana you did a beautiful work

  6. Ana, que linda pulseira! Você fez maravilhas com a técnica. Sinto pela falta de boa luz mas mesmo assim ela tem um toque vintage!
    Obrigada pelas lindas palavras no meu blogue :-)

  7. This is lovely Ana! Love your colour choices!

  8. The bracelet is perfect. I love small pearl beads! So romantic!

  9. Such an elegant bracelet and your colour choices really set it off nicely :-)


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