30 de abril de 2014

Monthly Challenge 2014

Hi! It is time again for the reveal of the Monthly Challenge 2014 hosted by Lili Krist of Indonesia.


A magnificent painting of Gaia (Mother Earth) by Edward Foster was the inspiration stimulus. Earth Day is celebrated on 22nd April. 

Considering that sometimes we have to step afar to see things clear and that the Earth seen from space is blue, I chose to use that colour. I also wanted my project to be environment friendly so I've bought no beads or materials. Last but not least, all are glass beads but the shell pendant is recicled glass, how about that?

Please be kind to our lovely home, planet Earth, and whenever possible, reuse, reduce and recycle.

See you!

6 comentários:

  1. ahhh...I love the colors. So fresh and pure. The design is clean but chic. The shell make the whole design complete.I like the idea about not buy new materials, use the already available, I did it TOO *smile* and I used Gudo traditional glass bead which is make from glass waste.

  2. lovely necklace! I love the spiral beadweaving and the shelf fits in perfectly

  3. This is such a soothing necklace, Ana. The spiral and the blue just makes it calm and lovely. Beautiful!

  4. Lovely necklace Ana..Your pendant make me thinking to try making beads from recycled glass. That would be awesome if can make that possible :-D

  5. Beautiful! I love the blue color and the shell! Excellent job!


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