10 de abril de 2015

Latest makes

Hi, dear readers!

Today, I'm sharing my latest makes. A custom order for several bag charms and some gifts.

Bag charms in various colours:

And last, but not least, a light purple bag charm that is special to me because the beads came from a fellow blogger.

These glass beads were a gift from Lizzie who writes The Need to Bead blog that you can find here. Thank you, Lizzie.

I have made some pieces of jewellery for gifting on birthdays and at Christmas (sorry about the late posting).

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing my creations for the Butterfly Challenge. Stay tuned!

2 comentários:

  1. Gorgeous bag charms one and all. I recognise those purple beads ;-) They look great. I'm so pleased you've made such a good use of them. It's great to see what you made. All the best, Lizzie.

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