12 de julho de 2015

Starburst Earrings

Hi, lovely readers! Today I'd like to write about an amazing pattern by Deborah Roberti that I have been using a lot to make different colour combinations, and by doing that, the look of the finished product completely changes.

Original pattern 

This is the original pattern with Rizo beads that I've changed later because I think the Rizos (the spike beads) are loose, sometimes pointing to the front sometimes to the back. This a free pattern that you can find HERESo, my change was replacing the Rizos by Mini Drops. You can see the difference in the below photo.

Changed pattern

Since I've made this replacement, I've been using this pattern a lot to make all kind of colour combinations.

Two coloured design

This is one of my favourite combinations.The superduos are just one colour and all the other beads are silver. The star is evident in this combination, more evident than in the combination above.

Two coloured design with picasso blue superduos

I love this one too. Lately, I have using lighter colours. 

Light blue and light pink versions

Do you like to experiment with different colours using the same pattern?

Most of these earrings are available at my Etsy shop. I'm having a sale right now. Everything is 20% off.

Have a great week!

5 comentários:

  1. really interesting project so changing in different colours! Worth practising:))

  2. These are beautiful! Colors change the look of the pattern and it is fun working up multiple items in all different color combos. Lovely lovely earrings!

  3. they look great, and so different with just a change of colour. i like the blue picasso one best. I don't usually like making the same pattern more than once, I get bored!

  4. I love seeing all the color combinations of this pattern!! !:)


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