5 de setembro de 2015

Fascinated By Tiles

Hello, lovely readers!

Today I bring you a project that I started last year but I was not very happy with it because I was sure it was not perfect.

It was the Persian Tile motif, designed by Marcie Abney that I did for my friend Nan Smith's challenge on July. The blog post is HERE.

So, this time I made two more motifs using better quality beads. I replaced the Czech seed beads (I love Czech beads but the seed beads are not their best product) with Japanese Toho seed beads which are bigger and more consistent in size.

the imperfect tile from last year

the quasi perfect tile 
the perfect tile 

all of them 

I think I'm not over with beaded tiles. I'm totally fascinated by them!

3 comentários:

  1. great projects! I also like Czech beads very much, but they are really better for crochet ropes then for precise beadwork

  2. Ana - it seems you have mastered the tiles! They look great! So pretty!!


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