23 julho 2021

I am still blogging

Hello, lovely readers. 

I am still blogging because I am still beading. 

Last year, I participated in the Black and White Together Project, led by Prof. Sam Norgard (USA) who was collecting beaded warped squares to create an art project. This project was part of International Beading Week organised by the Beadworkers Guild UK.

I was able to make about 70 beautiful squares to send the US. I was really excited to be a part of this global entreprise.  

By clicking on the video below you will see a sample of my participation. 

Through this project I have found the fascinating geometric beadwork of the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork by Kate McKinnon. Click here to go to her YouTube Channel. I have her two books in digital format because they are out of print, and the used ones reach hiper high prices.

I have not been able to do much of geometric beadwork beside the warped square - the geometric shape is called hypar.

I have found two compilations of YouTube videos on geometric beadwork: Bead Patterns  and Geometric Beadwork Techniques

Tomorrow starts this year's International Beading Week. 

Stay strong and be(ad) happy!

2 comentários:

  1. Most importantly, you're still beading :) I would hate to stop blogging on a regular basis but I know that sometimes interests change. It's important to keep doing what you love :)


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