15 de janeiro de 2014

A Time To Stitch 4

Hi everybody! Welcome to my blog. Today is the reveal day for A Time To Stitch 4, a blog hop hosted by Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller. This is my first participation in this bead-weaving challenge.

In this edition, the 4th, everybody does net stitch which must be used in one of the pieces. The other stitches than can be used are spiral rope, chevron stitch and chenille stitch.

Besides netting stitch, I have chosen spiral rope. Here are my pieces. Click on any photo to enlarge.

This is a cuff bracelet made using net stitch. The seed beads are a bit irregular and this stitch demands a certain uniformity in beads, nevertheless I like the end result.

This is a bracelet made in net stitch with a picot. I love its amethyst colour. It's my favourite of all the pieces I've made.

A netted collar made with seed beads and faceted beads using vertical netting stitch and a picot. I was inspired by Ukranian and Russian beadwork designs where this kind of netting is often used.

For the second stitch, I have chosen spiral rope.

A bracelet using 5mm white pearls, 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads in grey colours.

Thank you lovely ladies, Therese and Christine, for creating and organising this event. I have learned a lot. Please tell me which your favourite piece is. I really look forward to see what the other participants have created and the stitches they have chosen. The list for the blog hop is the following:

  1. Therese Frank
  2. Christine Altmiller
  1. Amy Severino 
  2. Janet Bocciardi
  3. Cynthia Machata
  4. Alicia Marinache
  5. Paula Kramer  
  6. Kim Hora        
  7. Dagi (Kokopelli)
  8. Maryanne Gross
  9. Liz E               
  10. Sally Russick   
  11. Becky Pancake
  12. Jasvanti Patel  
  13. Karin Slaton     
  14. Alenka Obid     
  15. Sarah Sequins  
  16. Tanya Goodwin
  17. Debbie Rasmussen
  18. Shirley Moore   
  19. Crystie Willard  
  20. Nelly May         
  21. Ana Cravidao     <-------- You are here

Hoje é o dia do evento A Time To Stitch 4 organizado por Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller em que os blogues participantes mostram o que fizeram com os dois pontos usados nos trabalhos com missangas - o ponto de rede (netting stitch) e o cordão em espiral (spiral rope). 

Fiz quatro peças: três em ponto de rede e uma em cordão que podem ver nas fotos acima. Qual é a vossa peça preferida?

A lista inclui todos os participantes no evento que publicam hoje, dia 15 de Janeiro, as suas criações. Disfrutem. 

28 comentários:

  1. Oh my Goodness, Ana! I LOVE them all for different reasons. The irregular beads in the netting must have been a challenge, but it gives the piece a really nice ancient look. The amethyst netting is gorgeous~very rich color and very much a statement. Love it!!! And the necklace is what I wanted to do but didn't. But you nailed it! It really is lovely. The pearl spiral is beautiful! You make the spiral look easy. I like how it is all about the pearls in that bracelet. It is thrilling to see all your pieces! Thanks so much for being a part of this hop :-D

  2. My favorite is the green netted collar. I just happen to love green, and the faceted beads add just the right amount of sparkle. So beautiful! The pearl bracelet is feminine and pretty, so versatile you could wear it with an evening dress or a pair of favorite well worn jeans. The other two netted cuffs are great too. Netting is just so fun and you have done very well with it. I enjoyed seeing each of your pieces.

  3. I really like all of them even though I'm not a big fan of seed beads. I certainly appreciate the artistry and talent you have shown. If I had to choose my favorite would be the greenish-blue cuff bracelet. Beautiful creations, Ana.

  4. Your pieces look so lovely, Ana :) Seed beads are above my abilities and eyesight, so I especially love to admire the work you have done here! If I MUST choose a favorite, it would be the pearl bracelet... it really is elegant, and pearls were very loved by my late mother.

  5. waaa...I should join the challenge next year =)
    Your works are beautiful, specially the green collar.

  6. your pieces are lovely! I particularly like the spiral rope bracelet with the pearls. I made a spiral rope recently, I haven't blogged about it yet.

  7. I love all of your pieces....all the netted work is gorgeous. And I really like the spiral rope incorporating the pearls! Bravo!

  8. Those are all gorgeous. I love the netted pieces. They have such a great pattern and texture. I think my favorite is the same as yours. The purple color is beautiful. I love the spiral bracelet as well. The pearls give it such a different look

  9. The netted pieces are just beautiful and the spiral bracelet is stunning, lovely lovely work!

  10. Your work is so feminine. I can see why that bracelet is your favorite - love the color and perfect netting. The pearl spiral is so elegant and sweet. Great work!

  11. Todas as suas pecas sao maravilhosas. Eu gostei muito. O seu trabalho e muito delicado e bonito. Parabens!!

  12. I love all your pieces, especially the wide net cuff. That spiral pearl bracelet is just so very pretty! My bracelet pattern is similar to your purple one, but my nets are bigger. I love seeing the difference is bead count with netting.

  13. My goodness, Ana, what lovely pieces! They're all beautiful but I'm in love with the netted cuff. I have GOT to make one! Also I'd really like to join in on this next year, do you know when it'll be? Where can I go for the info?
    I also love what you've done to your blog, its nice to put a face to the name and I didn't know you were so pretty!!! Yyyeeee! ( that's an exited yay sound... Lol)

  14. Ana your pieces are lovely. The green netted necklace is my favorite.

  15. Hi Ana,
    I love all or your pieces they are all beautiful. I love the color in the wide netted cuff green with a shimmer of red. The purple netted cuff is delicate looking. The netted collar is beautiful and in my favorite color of green, but the spiral rope bracelet is my favorite very pretty and can be worn with any outfit. Thank you for participating in mine and Christine's ATTS challenge and I hope that you will join us for ATTS 5.

    1. Ana, your work is gorgeous! I love your netted pieces and the bracelet is beautiful.

  16. I am very partial to your cuff. They are so simple but so elegant. Beautiful!

  17. Love love your pearls! Beautiful pieces...have fun wearing them!

  18. absolutely wonderful! all of them!!!! I don't think I could pick a favorite as I love them all! those netted bracelets are wonderful and look so comfy to wear, and that necklace - total LOVE for that piece!!! and the spiral is so delicate ..... really beautiful pieces

  19. Gorgeous work! I love the spiral with the pearls!! Very elegant!!

  20. I can't pick a favourite, they are all spectacular! The netted bracelets are beautiful, and so is the collar, and the spiral bracelet is very delicate and elegant. Great job!
    P.S. If you could update the links, to have a .ca for my link (allprettythings) - it would be wonderful. Thanks :)

  21. Spiral rope is always so beautiful! I like that one a lot :-D

  22. Ooh your pieces are so yummy! I just love the netted cuffs. Perfect.

  23. Gorgeous pieces! I think the non-uniformity of the seed beads ADDS to your netted bracelet, actually. The spiral stitch bracelet is my fave though! Very, very pretty.

  24. Este comentário foi removido por um administrador do blogue.

  25. Lovely pieces, especially the spiral bracelet with the pearls. Love it!

  26. Tens peças lindas, Ana... bonito blog :) beijoooo *

  27. I agree, the amethyst bracelet is very beautiful! You do amazing work!


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