12 de outubro de 2016

Some October Makes

Hello, dear readers! 

I would like to share with you my latest makes.

A set of four Swarovski crystal necklaces for a friend (I love crystals but not so much in jewellery)

My participation in the Operation Tackle That Bead Stash (I really have used only items in my stash) October challenge dedicated to Fireworks. It is the Fairground Attraction Pendant designed by the much talented Liz Reed, made in teal and green.

Three Beaded Squares for Bead-It-Forward 2017 whose theme is Fantasy. Isn't the elf the most adorable thing? 

What have you been making? Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts? Please share in the comments.

PS Maybe it's not an elf but one of the 7 dwarfs from Snow White. I'm not sure anymore.

2 de outubro de 2016

Celebrating the Art of Curating Treasuries on Etsy

Hello, lovely readers!

Long time no see!

As you may know I have an on-line shop at ETSY marketplace. I have made some sales but not many. Nevertheless, I have met beautiful and talented people there. One of the things that I love at Etsy is that we have the ability to create visual compilations of items on sale. Unfortunately, that capacity is going to be turned off. So, no more treasuries on Etsy for ever.

To celebrate the art of making treasuries I have invited Christine Altmiller from the blog One Kiss Creations that you may know from the blog hops A Time to Stitch in which I have participated.

I have also invited my team mate Bec from BeLuliDesigns at the ONE Treasury Team in ETSY.

This is Christine's Treasury, dedicated to fordite (also known as Detroit agate)

This is Bec's Treasury:

This is my treasury:

Clicking on each picture will take you to the original treasury on Etsy.


21 de novembro de 2015

A Time To Stitch 8

Hello and welcome!

Today is the reveal date for A Time To Stitch 8 blog hop, hosted by wonderful Therese and Christine. Thank you ladies for organising this event. And the theme is 'What's your bag?'

My bag is an amulet bag. Let me introduce you to Floral Grace. The most beautiful amulet bag I've found. I have made it from a kit. I think it is so practical to find all the beads, the pattern, and all of the materials in just one place that I couldn't resist to order it from Jencel, an online bead shop from the UK. It is a Sheila Davies design. 

For those not familiar with the meaning of an amulet bag, I'll explain. 

Amulet bags are originated with the Native American tribes and they are generally worn at heart level. In ancient times, they were used by Native tribes to carry herbs or things to ward off evil spirits. They were also used to carry prayers for loved ones. If you have a family member or a friend who is going through a tough time, you can put prayers in it for them. Also, if you have small gifts that others have given you, you can put those in the bag. Gifts of love are thought to hold the energy of love for the recipient of the gift.

Today, most people wear amulet bags as jewellery, like I do. Amulet bags can be made in any stitch you want, one bead at a time. Mine is made in netted stitch and it lacks the usual fringe. I've made a change to the decoration and the strap was done in a more solid daisy chain.

I've used everything from the kit except for the Nymo thread. It had a beautiful light blue colour but since I've discovered the advantages of Fireline I don't use any other thread.

There is a lot to see and admire in this blog hop. So here's the list of participants. Enjoy!

Ana (you're here)


16 de setembro de 2015

Beaded Pendants

Hello, dear readers!

Today I have to show to you some beaded pendants. The Starburst Earrings that I've already shown you HERE, have been transformed to pendants that I've hanged from fine trace chain, The original design is by Deborah Roberti that you can find HERE and it's free of charge.

They have been added to my Etsy shop and I've already sold one - the simplest one, which is only silver coloured. I'm more and more attracted to simpler designs and colour schemes. The customer said it reminded her of lace. And lace is so trendy, right now, isn't it?

I've also made a dark blue and silver version. I'm so fond of these silver versions of the original design that I have made one for myself and wear it often.

Deborah's Starburst Earrings are definitely inspiring. I could say that I've experimented everything with them but one can not say that. Who knows what comes next?

Bead happy!

9 de setembro de 2015

Big Star Small Star

Hello, dear readers!

One of the patterns I have been working on is the Starfish pattern. A blogging friend of mine, the highly criative Fatima Menser-Potter has made one design for a big starfish pendant that you can hang from a chain. I have followed the instructions and made a pendant in sand colours.

I have used Japanese Toho seed beads in 8/0 and 11/0 sizes and Wildfire thread 10lb. I am very happy with the result even if it is not as curved as the ones in the photos of the tutorial. 

The best results, according to the author, are achieved with Toho 8/0 and Miyuki 11/0 (I don't have Muyiki in this size) and Fireline 8lb (I don't have this size). 

You can buy this tutorial at Fatima's ETSY shop named She Walks in Crystal where you can find kits, tutorials, beaded jewellery, and so on. The link to the tutorial is HERE

This is not my first starfish. I had previously made a smaller one. 

For this one, I've followed the instructions from a YouTube video made by Gena Hopkins. It is a double-sided small starfish and it's gorgeous. I prefer small scale objects to bigones. You can find the video HERE. I have entered this creation in the Operation Tackle That Bead Stash challenge dedicated to the beach. You can see all the entries HERE.

5 de setembro de 2015

Fascinated By Tiles

Hello, lovely readers!

Today I bring you a project that I started last year but I was not very happy with it because I was sure it was not perfect.

It was the Persian Tile motif, designed by Marcie Abney that I did for my friend Nan Smith's challenge on July. The blog post is HERE.

So, this time I made two more motifs using better quality beads. I replaced the Czech seed beads (I love Czech beads but the seed beads are not their best product) with Japanese Toho seed beads which are bigger and more consistent in size.

the imperfect tile from last year

the quasi perfect tile 
the perfect tile 

all of them 

I think I'm not over with beaded tiles. I'm totally fascinated by them!

25 de agosto de 2015

Flowers of India

Hi, lovely readers!

Today, I would like to share with you a giveaway I am entering. It is hosted by Diana Costa, a jewellery designer from Barcelona, Spain. You may have already heard about her as she designs beautiful peyote patterns for bracelets, among other things she puts for sale on Etsy. My first peyote bracelet used a pattern from Diana. You can read about it, HERE.

  This is my own version of the Flowers of India pattern. 

For this giveaway, ending on the 31st August, you'll have to make one of the many peyote bracelets designed by Diana. The prize is a set of beads worth 80,00, including Miyuki delica seed beads, Twin, Tile and Pip beads. More information can be found at her own site, HERE.

Enjoy the day!

9 de agosto de 2015

Latest makes in beadweaving

Hi! I'd like to share my latest makes in beadweaving. All of them are designs by Ruby Lockwood - a talented Canadian lady that you might know from the YouTube as she has more than 150 videos just on beading. 

This teal and silver bracelet was made using the Roman Hugs and Kisses design. This is not properly a recent make, I made this bracelet last year for a blog challenge. More information about it can be found HERE.

With this one I entered the challenge Operation Tackle That Bead Stash last June. An earth tones palette had to be used in the finished piece. You can see all the entries HERE. Almost forgot to tell that this is the Evening Love design in case you want to look for it.

And this is the last but not the least. The Simply Simple Bracelet design uses the Pondo stitch. It is made with three main colours. 

Happy beading!

26 de julho de 2015

My favourite on-line bead shops

Hi! Today I'm just posting here a list of my favourite on-line bead shops. I have made purchases from each of them and I was happy with the items and the service, so I would recommend buying from them. I hope this list will be useful to you too, I know I'll be using it for future reference. I'm thinking about adding this list to the right side of the blog, but for now I'll pinned it to my Pinterest.

Contas e Berloques
An amazing range of Delica seed beads; magazines

Czech seed beads, Delica seed beads, mother-of-pearl beads, metal links, bead caps, clasps

Perles And Co
Swarovski crystals and pearls, Czech druks and firepolished beads, Toho and Czech seed beads, Czech pearls, Delica seed beads, Twins and Superduos, Rizo and Rulla beads, Miyuki drops, Fireline and Wildfire thread, Nymo thread, sterling silver findings, chains, clasps, earwires, magazines

Beads Direct
Swarovski crystals and pearls, Toho seed beads, Delica seed beads, Miyuki drops, Twin beads, Fireline and Wildfire thread, Nymo thread, sterling silver findings, chain maille rings, charms, chains, toggle clasps, earwires, booklets, magazines

Toho seed beads, Czech pearls, druks, fire polished beads and seed beads, Preciosa crystal, findings

Bojangle Beads
Toho seed beads, Czech fire polished beads, Czech flower and leaf beads, CzechMate Tile seed beads, Twin beads, Miyuki drops and seed beads, metal beads, charms, findings

Laser Beads (Etsy)
Czech druks and seed beads, Toho seed beads

Czech pearls, druks and fire polished beads

Happy Cristal
Swaroski crystal, Delica seed beads, Czech fire polished beads, Fireline thread

Bead Shop Liverpool
Czech fire polished beads, Delica seed beads, Art Beads (Blueberri Beads)

Gem Silver
Swarovski pendants, findings in sterling silver

The Bead Store
TierraCast kits, beads and findings,Czech pressed glass beads, Toho seed beads, findings

Beadaholique UK
TierraCast findings, bead scoops

Do you buy from on-line bead shops? Share them with me because I'd love knowing more sites where one can buy beautiful beads.

Be(ad) happy!

Edited: 2016-10-16

12 de julho de 2015

Starburst Earrings

Hi, lovely readers! Today I'd like to write about an amazing pattern by Deborah Roberti that I have been using a lot to make different colour combinations, and by doing that, the look of the finished product completely changes.

Original pattern 

This is the original pattern with Rizo beads that I've changed later because I think the Rizos (the spike beads) are loose, sometimes pointing to the front sometimes to the back. This a free pattern that you can find HERESo, my change was replacing the Rizos by Mini Drops. You can see the difference in the below photo.

Changed pattern

Since I've made this replacement, I've been using this pattern a lot to make all kind of colour combinations.

Two coloured design

This is one of my favourite combinations.The superduos are just one colour and all the other beads are silver. The star is evident in this combination, more evident than in the combination above.

Two coloured design with picasso blue superduos

I love this one too. Lately, I have using lighter colours. 

Light blue and light pink versions

Do you like to experiment with different colours using the same pattern?

Most of these earrings are available at my Etsy shop. I'm having a sale right now. Everything is 20% off.

Have a great week!
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