27 de setembro de 2013

Desafio para Outubro / Challenge for October

Viva! Soube de um desafio para o mês de Outubro, com a particularidade de ser diário. Para quem quer trabalhar mais, vem mesmo a calhar. A loja Fusion Beads criou um calendário com um tema para cada dia. Escolhi já os dias em que vou participar, falta-me apenas decidir que materiais usar e depois juntá-los. O link está aqui. Se não conhecerem alguma técnica, por exemplo, crochet de contas (bead crochet) - no dia 6 - podemos consultar o tutorial. Quem dos meus queridos leitores vai participar?

Hi! In October, US shop Fusion Beads will be holding a challenge for beaders. It is a daily challenge. For me, it comes in the right time because I want to bead more. I've chosen the days I'll participate, but I haven't choosen the materials yet. You can find the link here.  It is a site full of tutorials, so if you aren't familiar with bead crochet (day 6), you can read their tutorial for this technique. Who from my lovely readers will participate too?

4 comentários:

  1. that very interesting we need to signed up first?

  2. Asri, there are no sign-ups, it is open to all people at any time during the month and you can do as many days as you want. Fusion Beads is holding the challenge on its Community page (, Blog ( and mainly Facebook ( where beaders can share their creations during the challenge. It's going to be lots of fun. Have a nice weekend, Ana

  3. Hi Ana! This does sound like fun! Two questions though, one, do you have to be on Facebook to enter? Second, if there is any prize, do they ship abroad? I'm in Africa right now, don't know if that would be an issue....

    1. There are no prizes involved. You don't have to be on Facebook to enter but all the interaction between Fusion Beads and their community is going to happen there.


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