19 de novembro de 2013

1 ano / year

Hi! My blog is one year old today. This is my 1st blogoversary  -  it's strange name, by the way.

To celebrate it, I want you, lovely reader, to choose a piece of my handmade jewellery from my shop that you can find on the other page of this blog. To make it easier for you, I've created some videos.

You may choose a necklace OR a bracelet OR two pairs of earrings. Just write a comment on this post with your choice.

On 24th November, Mr. will choose a winner.

Anyone can enter. Good luck!

Necklaces / Colares

Bracelets / Pulseiras

Earrings / Brincos


Olá! O meu blogue faz hoje um ano de idade. Para comemorar quero oferecer uma das minhas peças de bijutaria.

Podem escolher um colar OU uma pulseira OU dois pares de brincos, das peças da Loja (ver na parte de cima no blogue). Mas também podem escolher a partir dos vídeos.

Escrevam um comentário neste post com a vossa preferência.

No dia 24, domingo, o site determinará a vencedora.

Divirtam-se. Boa sorte!

8 comentários:

  1. Happy blogoversary, Ana! This is a very unique way of celebrating :) I was certain I would choose a bracelet (and there are many wonderful ones), but after watching the first video TWICE, I keep coming back to 107. I love the chain and the filigree base; also the beautiful and colourful flowers, which would remind me of your lovely flag, and how I hope to visit Portugal someday. Thank you for your generous offer!

  2. Happy 1st Blogoversary Anna. Congratulation for your achievement.
    And my favorite is Turqouise Multi-strand Necklaces :-D

  3. Happy 1st blogoversary <3
    My choice was finally Blue Vintage Bracelet, ref. 12.
    Have a nice week!

  4. 1 year, doesn't time just fly by!
    I'd love to join in with your giveaway celebration.
    The turqouise multi strand necklace (ref.120) has caught my eye.
    I hope you have a lovely 'Blogoversary' :-)

  5. Happy blogoversary! I'm looking forward to reading you and following your creations for many more years!
    I love the chain maille and colors of bracelet n°17!

  6. Olá e feliz aniversário!
    Que venham muitos mais com muito sucesso :)
    O meu colar preferido é o Turquoise Multi-Strand Necklace.
    Beijinho e tudo de bom!
    Helena :D

  7. Hi Ana,
    It's very difficult to choose. I love bracelet and I always wear one or two bracelets. If Mr choose me :) I would love to win your Orange and Brass Stretch Bracelet, ref 93.
    Thank you for this opportunity and congrats!

  8. Congratulations, dear Ana.
    A pair of earrings will be great to win :) Thanks!


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