23 dezembro 2017

Merry Christmas

Hello, dear readers. Recently, I have made a pair of earrings to gift.
It is a design of Szidonia Petki. She shares how to weave it in a YouTube video. Click here to go to YouTube. This pattern is made with 8mm Rose Petal beads. You can also find this design tutorial for sale on Etsy.

There is a beadweaving design that I haven't shared with you and that I love a lot. It's the Poppy design by Kerrie Slade. These are my attempts. I've also made the red version but it's not in the photo. The purple poppy are now brooches. The aqua poppy is now a ring. It's smaller because I made a mistake while beading it.

Wishing you a

3 comentários:

  1. Best Christmas wishes!!! Great earrings and so cute poppies!

  2. Happy Holidays! Wishing you a great new year!

  3. Such sweet beadweaving! Merry Christmas and wishing you an amazing 2018!


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