15 de outubro de 2013

Eu tenho dois amores / I have two loves

Eu tenho dois amores. Hã? Eu passo a explicar. Actualmente, as minhas técnicas preferidas são duas: os trabalhos com missangas e os trabalhos com argolas de metal (cota de malha ou chain maille).
I have two loves. What do I mean?!! I'll explain. At the moment, two techniques are my favourites: bead-weaving and chain maille. 

Desde o ano passado, quando comecei os trabalhos com missangas, aprendi a fazer os pontos: tijolo, espinha (herringbone), espinha em espiral, peyote e corda em espiral.
Since I started bead-weaving in 2012, I've learned spiral rope, brick stitch, spiral herringbone, herringbone, and peyote (I've just learned this on Friday).

Nos trabalhos com argolinhas de metal (chain maille), que comecei há dois anos, aprendi a fazer a flor, a espiral dupla, a bizantina e a capacete.
In relation to chain maille, I've learned flower, double spiral, byzantine, european and helm weaves.

Gostam também destas técnicas ou consideram-nas demoradas e trabalhosas?
Do you love bead-weaving?  Do you love chain maille? Or do you think they are time consuming and not worth it?

Obrigada pela visita!
Thank you for stopping by!

4 comentários:

  1. Yes! I love beadweaving and I love chainmaille! I've only learnt the Byzantine weave, and brick stitch, peyote and RAW but I keep meaning to do some more. I love your examples, the flower chain maille is so pretty

  2. You have beautiful work Ana. I have never done bead weaving seriously but I kind of done some using wire! Sounds strange right? Well I have a book with tila bead bracelet design. I started it the way it instructed then deviated and chose to do with very thin wire instead of wire and it came out quite pretty, one got sold also, but can I call it bead weaving I don't know.

    How did you learn these bead weaving stitches - from books or you tube or formal classes?

    1. Wire and beads is always a great combination. I love tila beads but haven't tried them yet. I've learned from tutorials on YouTube, blogs, and FusionBeads site.


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