17 de junho de 2014

A Time To Stitch 5 Reveal

My Bead Soup Blog Party post is HERE. You're not late and the Party isn't a sprint. I'm still hopping the 8th BSBP too. 

Hi! Welcome to A TIME TO STITCH 5 Reveal. A Time to Stitch is a fun blog hop hosted by dear Christine and Therese. Thank you ladies for organising all this.Today our beadweaving creations are revealed.  This is the fifth edition but just my second participation.

This particular edition is called 'The same but different'. A piece should be made and then change its colours or shapes in order to make two variations.

I've chosen a beautiful bracelet using SuperDuos that was designed by Justyna Szlęzak (Eridhan Creations) from Poland.

I've encountered some obstacles but all were overcame. 

For my first piece I had envisioned using orchid coloured SuperDuos, but with my lack of experience I had only bought 10 grams, which is not enough and I had no time to order more from the UK. So, I added some in pastel silver that I already had.

Initial bead soup: vega on chalk superDuos, opaque luster amethyst firepolished and satin silver glass beads

WIP: pastel light grey silver superduos added

Preciosa seed beads are smaller than regular 11/0 seed beads so I had to add more than I was supposed to when finishing the edges.

ORCHID Beaded Bracelet 

1st VARIATION: As I didn't have as many SuperDuos as I had planned, Twins beads had to come in and Twins are different as I was going to learn the hard way.

WIP: There are only Twins here and they are smaller than SuperDuos. Some 15/0 seed beads were added because the bracelet started to bend in a strange way. 

DAISY Beaded Bracelet

2nd VARIATION: For my third piece and considering my limited amount of SuperDuos, I tried to mix those with Twins and I was successful.

German brown pearls, dark bronze firepolished beads, dark blue picasso superduos (they look like petrol blue) and copper twins beads

WOOD Beaded Bracelet

This was great fun and I learned and practised a lot. 

But as this is a blog hop there are other people sharing their creations in their own blogs. Enjoy.


Ana <-------- You're here.

12 comentários:

  1. Beautiful Ana, I love how all three are the same pattern, but with you having shortages in your materials and making substitutes with either color or bead type you were able to change up the look of the base pattern and that my dear was the whole concept of this challenge. All three of your bracelets are gorgeous you did an awesome job. Thank you so much for participating in mine and Christine's challenge, and we hope that you will be back for ATTS 6.

  2. I love the colors you picked Ana =)
    The 3 bracelet are so beautiful. You did a great worked *congrat* I see development on your beadweaving techniques Ana...keep learning and push your spirit to the limit...

  3. Such beautiful bracelets! I used some Superduos and was told Twin Beads are different, but you made it work so well. I need to get me some more to play around with.

  4. Very nice use of those SuperDuos. It's a Super Success! I've learned to always get more beads than I think I need, just because I have run out before the end of a project (*cough* more than once). Taking it all in stride, and in your case making it work out wonderfully, is the best possible outcome. Beautiful work!

  5. What a fun blog hop! I like how you made all designs a bit different from each other not just in color. This is one of the reasons I find beadweaving difficult - I am not sure I will be able to decide what to replace with what :)

  6. I love Eridhan's tutorials, this one is beautiful! I'm so glad you chose to do this, now I know that Superduos will sometimes work with twins. They are all gorgeous colors, I'm really drawn to the first one. Excellent job!

  7. First off, thanks for introducing me to Justyna's work. She's a new artist to me, and her tutorials are amazing. You really made this challenge come alive with your inspired adaptations. Your workarounds give your bracelets even more texture and personality. Simply can't pick a favorite!

  8. You chose a wonderful pattern and did a great job experimenting and the results are absolutely wonderful. I think the last one is my favorite as it is so dramatic.

  9. I love how not having enough of one type of bead forces us to try new things. In your case, the results were very beautiful!!! =)

  10. Oh Ana ~ these are gorgeous! Truly gorgeous! They went from soft and feminine to a burst of energy to very outdoorsy just by changing the colors. The pattern you chose is gorgeous! I always love seeing what you are up are so good at weaving! I love all three but that last dark and rich and lovely. Thanks for being a part of this :-)

  11. Such lovely bracelets and such a perfect interpretation of the challenge!!

  12. Wow! Love how the pattern changes with the arrangement of the beads.


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