10 de janeiro de 2015

A Time To Stitch 6 Blog Hop Reveal

Hi! Today is the reveal of A Time to Stitch 6 Blog Hop. This is the 6th edition of the blog hop organised by Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller. A big thank you to the hostesses.

This time the objective was to use a graphed chart, a word chart or a picture chart for creating our beadwoven piece. You can read more about it here.

After I signed up for this challenge, I searched for a beautiful peyote pattern for a bracelet. I am attracted to small geometric patterns like those designed by Diana Costa (Etsy Shop), Anna a.k.a. as Anabel (Etsy Shop) and Carol Dean Sharpe (Etsy Shop). These are my favourite designers in what comes to peyote bracelet patterns. 

Nevertheless, when I laid my eyes on the Crazy Paisley from Fusion Beads, I said to myself, this is the one I'm going to make. As my bead stash is limited, I had to order new beads which eventually arrived, but then came Christmas and Christmas gifts. After that, I couldn't find the ordered beads anymore. They have gone astray. 

Printed instructions with bead list

So, plan B had to come in. Last year I had heard about Bead-It-Forward project and I had decided that I had to donate something to this charitable programme in favour of breast cancer research.

I have made two squares and I plan to make two more.  If you are reading this and you are interested in participating too, you can read the guidelines here.

Each year there is a theme and this year's theme is Animals - Wild About Finding a Cure. You can create your own patterns or use the ones already available. There are several I love but the one I chose (the two-drop peyote bunny pattern) was, by coincidence, designed by Therese. I have used the word chart instead of the graphed chart which was a surprise to me because I think I am a visual person more than a word person. Don't tell anyone but I've spotted some mistakes when comparing the two squares. I'll be remaking the flawed square this weekend.

I can't wait to see the creations of the other participants. This is the list. Enjoy!

13-Ana Cravidao <---- you are here

16 comentários:

  1. How cute are those bunny panels! And wasn't it a fun challenge? My plans also didn't work out and I also misplaced one bag with crystals. But here we are blog hopping! :)

  2. If there are any mistakes - I sure can't see them!!!! The squares are fantastic!!! I think the paisley piece will be great too !!!

  3. What mistakes?They are both beautiful! I hope you can find your misplaced beads soon, the paisley pattern is indeed beautiful.

  4. Hi Ana, I am so glad to see others participating in the Bead-it-Forward challenge. It is dear to my heart. Your bunnies are very cute. Good job and I don't see any mistakes. You can always do paisley bracelet when you find the beads. Yes Christmas

  5. You did Therese's little bunnies proud! I sure don't see any mistakes. They look great :-) Hopefully you will find your missing beads and we will all be treated to a look at that pretty paisley bracelet. Thanks for Hopping, Ana!

  6. They look perfect? I can't see a 'spirit bead' in these? I love Therese's little bunnies - they are wonderful and will look great on a quilt!

  7. Hi Ana,
    Thank you for participating in this round of the ATTS challenge. I love the paisley bracelet pattern and I hope that the elf that took your beads brings them back and soon, because this is going to look amazing beaded up! Thank you for choosing my bunny pattern for the bead-it-forward I was tickled when I scrolled down and so that pretty little gray bunny. Both squares look good to me, I think you just have to add one more row on the dark gray one and it will be to size.

  8. Hi Ana, your bunnies are sooo cute!! And I really can't find any mistakes ...

  9. I can see why you were drawn to the tropical paisley print from Fusion. Those beads just have to turn up! Your Plan B bunny squares look wonderful to me!

  10. Great squares and what a good cause and you have to make the bracelet it is such a beauty!

  11. What a great way to participate in both this challenge and the Bead-it-Forward project! I love your bunnies and I'm sure you'll find your new beads and be able to stitch that beautiful bracelet!

  12. they are such lovely squares! I love bunnies.

  13. Ana, I love these cute little bunnies! I hope you find your new beads! Mine tend to run off too!! :)

  14. Oh look at the cute little bunnies! I hope you get to finish the crazy paisley patten. That sure is a beauty!

    (Sorry it took so long for me to actually get to the hop - family stuff happening.)


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